Orienteering With Geoff by Grace

On Monday 23 of August my dad (Geoff) came to Pukeokahu school to show us how to use a compass and its degrees an easier way of saying it is orienteering.
Here’s what we did first, as soon as we walked out of the school doors we saw a big drawn out compass.

At each letter there was a cone and under the cones there were degrees like n is 0 degrees e is 90 degrees s is 180 degrees and last but not least w is 270 degrees.

Then we got into groups and had to go to the tennis court and draw our own compasses .

I suppose you could say we cheated by using a compass to draw a compass.

We also had to figure out how many degrees it is from the school tennis court to Aorangi and Puke hill.

We noticed that where you were standing changed the degrees so if you were standing in the middle of the court it would be different to at the back of the court or the front of the court.

Once we had done that we needed to do a course to see how well we had done.

We had to go round to lots of places.  First we had to start with our backs against the old school.

Then we had to go to a tree on the side of the playground then across the field to another tree but this one was round by where we normally make huts. I ran most of the paces. After that tree we went to a fence line next to a heap of trees. The third to last stop was the gate into grasshopper land. Then we went back to the place we normally make huts to a different tree then ran back to where we started but this plate said end. So then we ran inside to figure out  the jumbled word. It turns out the elephants favourite sport was SQUASH. Funny eh! By Grace

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Being Bike Wise with Constable Marks.

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Pukeokahu Fish Finder

Our Empty Fish Tank

The Fish Finder Challenge!

Well guys here is your fish tank, all set up and ready to go but wait … it is missing one final or maybe ten final crucial things! 

That’s right, where are all the fish?

The Board, Coke and Cody have kindly organised the facilities for housing your fish, now it is your turn to do the rest.  You will complete the final stages of setting up your fish tank.

Here are your requirements:

  • Fish need an interesting environment to live in, this includes rocks, drift wood and plants (remember some things maybe poisonous to fish).

  • Remember, our tank is quite small and it must fit ten fish/snails and an environment.

  • Fish need food to eat, different fish need different foods.

  • Not all fish get on with each other – in other words they may eat each other.

  • You have no more than $9.00 each to purchase your fish from Wet Pets in Palmerston North, that’s $90.00 total.

  • From any left over money you must purchase the fish food and anything else you think you may need.

  • You must do the ordering, telling Wet Pets that Cody will pick up the fish on a Friday afternoon.

  • It is best to get one or two fish to start with to check that the water is safe and that they will not die.

  • Everyone must agree and be happy before you proceed.

  • Everyone must add a comment to this post describing their three preferred fish, their prices and why they would be suitable for our tank.

Happy Hunting!